New product launch keeps water flowing hygienically

A leading supplier of compliance services has launched a new product range providing new impoved solutions to piont of use water filtration and shower hygiene.

GRAHAM Environmental Services is the exclusive distributor of the T-Safe® products to the UK and Ireland. T-Safe® is a range of Antimicrobial Colour Coded Replacement showers and Point of Use filtration products developed by Denmark-based firm, Johs. Tandrup A/S.

The range is especially popular within the healthcare sector as it incorporates a unique additive called Biomaster which makes T-Safe® products more hygienic than traditional alternatives 

Biomaster works by inhibiting the growth of bacteria to ensure that the range remains anti-microbial for the effective life of the products.

Point of Use filtration offers protection for end users when waterborne pathogens are present in the water system.  The T-Safe® range includes shower and tap filters for immediate protection.  T-Safe® Point of Use Filtration products are designed with the end user in mind meaning good flow rates for effective showering and hand washing. The T-Safe® products include a 0.2 micron sterilising grade point of use filter to ensure protection from Legionella, Pseudomonas and other water bourne pathogens for up to 92 days. 

Shower heads and hoses are required to be dismantled, cleaned, descaled and disinfected on a quarterly basis as stipulated by the HSE and Department of Health guidance.

However, few shower heads or hoses receive sufficient attention because they cannot be fully dismantled to facilitate effective maintenance.

The T-Safe® Antimicrobial Colour Coded Replacement Showers are available as an ongoing quarterly replacement or outright purchase clean and descale scheme solution. The faceplate of the shower can be removed without tools meaning you can visually inspect the internal condition of the shower at any time. The product has been designed to improve infection control, maintain compliance and provide a safer patient environment.

The Biomaster product protection reduces the ability of pathogens such as MRSA, E.coli and Pseudomonas to survive on the surface inhibiting the opportunity for cross-contamination. 

Scott Beaumont, National Sales Manager for GRAHAM Environmental said: “The T-Safe® Antimicrobial Colour coded Replacement Showers range offers a great value solution to reducing pathogens can that can spread rapidly in water so maintaining clean showers and hoses is vital for reducing the risk of infection.”

“GRAHAM Environmental Services and T-Safe® offers a simple solution that reduces risk, maintains compliance, improves infection control and can offer significant cost savings.”

Paul Morris, CEO of Addmaster who developed Biomaster technology, said: “Incorporating Biomaster into the T-Safe® range reduces the opportunity for bacteria to grow on its surfaces and ensures that the products will remain more hygienic for longer.“

For more information about the T-Safe® range, visit GRAHAM Environmental Services.


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