Antibacterial coatings make horse sense

Racing stables and most horse owners recognise the need to improve their hygiene and biosecurity levels, often having learned the hard way at some point in their careers.

Racehorses have a mobile lifestyle that involves a lot of domestic and possibly international travel and mixing with other horses within their own training yard makes the rapid spread of infectious diseases all too easy.

The focus should be on looking after the environment where the horse spends most hours of the day – the stable.  Stable walls might look clean, but swabbing will reveal bacterial growth and mould. The use of antibacterial coatings on surfaces is the easiest and most effective way of offering protection against harmful micro-organisms.

Based in Belgium, RDInducoat has been supplying coatings which are tried, tested and approved by leading horse yards for many years. Today it is renowned for providing safe, ecologically-friendly coatings systems which focus specifically on providing protection against harmful bacteria.

The active agent in their coatings is Biomaster antibacterial technology. Biomaster actively inhibits the growth of bacteria. When bacteria land on a Biomaster surface, they cannot replicate and therefore die. The technology has been successfully tested against most common dangerous organisms.

The value of the coatings for any yard owner trying to achieve a high level of biosecurity for their performance horses was recently verified by international biosecurity specialist Alan Creighton of the Irish Equine Centre.

Jack McGuiness, RDInducoat distributor in Ireland confirms: “Alan’s test results were positive. After all, if you are painting anyway, why not choose a smart coating?”  

This is why RDInducoat’s Biomaster-protected smart coatings are currently adding value in trials in selected horse yards in the Netherlands and Ireland. Independent horse hygiene specialists have concluded that the coatings effectively protect surfaces in yards 24 hours a day, all year round.

In addition to horse yards, RDInducoat coatings also an extra line of defence to leading Dutch hospitals, food and beverage processing industries and recreational establishments.

For more information visit the RD inducoat website: or contact Mr Michael Frankhuizen, commercial director, via

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.