Sie möchten mehr darüber erfahren, was in der Welt der Textilien passiert und wie sie klimafreundliche handeln; sowie Neuigkeiten und wichtige Informationen darüber erhalten, wie wir unsere Wahrnehmung in Bezug auf Kleidung ändern können?

Dezember 16, 2021

Diesel & Polygiene Button Up The Secondhand Market

The world is changing and customers’ awareness surrounding their purchases and impact on the environment is growing. Polygiene is excited to launch along with Diesel® a truly unique and smart secondhand project to keep products in-use longer and out of the landfill. .. read more
November 10, 2021

How to help clean up our air

Clean air, like clean water, is in short supply around the world. Many of us take the air we breathe for granted. But we shouldn’t. Without clean air, we cannot live... read more
November 4, 2021

Old denim is the new thing

Diesel Second Hand gives consumers the chance to keep Diesel products in active use for years to come. Join the movement!.. read more